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So, as mentioned yesterday, I got an email asking me about the weird scandal involving the Patriots and underinflated footballs, so I wrote a piece for the Conversation on the subject. since a few people had beaten me to citations of the Ideal Gas Law, though, I decided to bring my own particular set of skills into this, and did an experiment.They will sooner run an experiment to see if someone can deflate 12 balls in 90 seconds in a bathroom before they subject footballs to the weather conditions of the AFCCG and record their PSI.My dad taught me this, and to always check tire pressures when winter rolled around.So in that case, the pressure inside the ball should be not just what the gauge reads, but the gauge reading plus about 14 psi.Was the pressure 2 psi below 12.5 (hence 10.5 psi), which is my interpretation, or 13.

That being said, the ball was not allowed to achieve equilibrium in temperature either.Rodgers likes a hard ball, I bet they pumped them, up to 13.5 psi and at cold temperatures for the game.The focus is likely on: is it plausible for science to explain a 1.0 PSI change due to the environmental change.Find the best selection of real pressure here at Source cheap and high quality products in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from China.

I followed what the Pats seemed to think was the situation when using 1.5 psi.Was that the time they were 2 psi low, or were they also low at the end of the game.

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In fact, just the prior week, I am certain that both the Ravens and Patriots were playing with balls that would be deemed illegal if they were checked.

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As for the slight changes in mass, but you got to understand every tiny moose hair to get any advantage is critical as winning becomes everything.Sounds like the only deflating was done on intercepted ball, but who knows, we need more information and the video of then Colt staff measuring it.As anyone who has tried it so far, the ball does drop more than a simple ideal gas calculation, so there is more going on, and it does suggest the Patriots are in the clear.Now I am not sure if it really goes to 130 degrees, but it seems obvious the temperature in the football goes up as the pressure goes up.

Have the balls inflated to the proper pressure outside at least 2 hours by the NFL Officials before the game using a small portable air compressor with a reservoir.Why would the Patriots go through such an effort to bring the PSI level down an imperceptible amount.If pre-game pressure was 12.5 PSI, then post-game would be 11.9 PSI.For the ideal gas law to work, you must use absolute pressure and temperature.

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NFL official inflate with nitrogen at a known temperature to the specified pressure.

They got preped from Ravens, and prepared their balls to deal with this.All of this is ridiculous, Just a stupid football. but kinda fun to review the different laws on nature and effects, and seeing how others look at them.But 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) is 273.15 degrees K or 459.6 degrees Rankine).Therefore, all we know for sure is that the pressure in the ball was less than regulation.


As the gas expands, it does work on its surroundings (the overlying atmosphere), and thereby loses thermal energy.

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With that ball rule as written, a team could deliberately inflate the ball with something other than air, much higher temperature and humidity, so that a gauge reads 12.5 psi 2.25 hours before the game, and still be completely compliant with the rules.This says that the product of pressure and volume is proportional to the amount of stuff inside the ball multiplied by the temperature, and is one of the founding equations of the subfield of thermodynamics.Real Pressure Cook: 50 Favorite Pressure Cooker Recipes That Take 15 Minutes Or Less (Good Food Series) - Kindle edition by Jeff Madison.I encourage anyone else who is curious to grab a pump and a football as well.

Which is exactly what every person who has taken a football and tried it has found.Large Money in winning, large Engineering teams, Drivers that will do anything to win.Fairly quickly the temperature of the air inside the football would cool down to air temperature.The rules I have read have made clear that no one is to alter the balls after ref inspection.I know when my local volunteer fire department takes air tanks to the city FD to get filled they always fill, wait 10-20 minutes, top off.Halftime is very short, I doubt the ball inside the football could come up to temp with the locker room it was tested in.They would have got it done ASAP as well, so right when halftime started.

Obviously SCBA tanks are at significantly higher pressures (up to 4500psi) than footballs and so the effect would be much greater but could that be enough to effect the results.Maybe Seattle with get the official Win as the Patriots are cheaters.The Colts had to be thinking about how they wanted to handle this before the game.

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All of the technical folks are making assumptions on various conditions for there is really not much Data to go from.With water vapor and temperature change it seems to match the 2.5 psi drop at 45F.