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Since the gains from a short sale transaction are not realized until a covering buy is made, Google Finance computes the value of an uncovered short as if a covering buy were made at the current stock price.This offset an 8 percent fall in average cost-per-click, the price advertisers pay Google. has lost market share.Overall return: As with long lots, this is your returns gain as a percentage of your overall outlay on all shares in the lot, not solely those you still hold.Every security on Google Finance has a currency in which it is valued.Class C Capital Stock (GOOG) - Get real-time last sale and extended hours stock prices, company news, charts, and company-specific.Price change: the percentage change in the trading price of the share since the market open.If all the lots together do not have enough shares to complete the sale, then the sale is invalid, and an error message is displayed.Since Lot 1 only has 50 shares left, the sale has to be split.Finally, there are values that are derived from those we have looked at already.

Share count, cost per share, and commission are all optional.

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Change the date range, chart type and compare Alphabet Inc. against other companies.

Everything we have talked about so far applies to long lots, lots that are created by buying and holding stock.

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Then the converted values are summed over all the currencies to give the portfolio values.

Then all the summary values will be displayed in the portfolio currency.Commission: the cost to execute the transaction with a broker.You can screen stocks using these default criteria or specify your own criteria.When you sell shares, they are deducted from the oldest lot that still has shares. (Why the oldest first.

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We calculate the same numbers, bearing in mind that you only hold obligations to sell 50 shares at the time of calculation.

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Analysis of Alphabet Book Value Per Share, The naive approach to look at Book Value per Share is to compare it to current stock price.

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These short lots behave analogously to long lots, except that every short sale starts a new short lot, and any covering buys will be deducted from the oldest short lot.

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For this reason, both the basis and the return are dependent upon the price of the stock.However, because that translation is a sale, the cash value is positive, and the initial investment is negative.

Stock analysis for Alphabet Inc (GOOG:NASDAQ GS) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile.At this point you have an obligation to deliver 100 shares at some point in the future.To edit specific transactions of your portfolio, such as number of shares or the price you paid for a security, edit your transactions.The most important difference with short lots is the definition of cost basis.So, if you bought 100 shares of XYZZ, then sold them all, your cost basis will be reported as 0, as will your market value, gain, etc.Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products.

The Company will also issue six year warrants to purchase up to an additional 350,000 shares at an exercise price per share equal to the price per share of the common.Short sales can be a little counterintuitive, because your income is realized at the time you open the position, and the cost is paid at the time of buying the shares to cover that sale.

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If you wish to see the transaction separated you can view them in the Transaction tab.Every time you purchase shares of a stock, a new lot is opened.Every portfolio is composed of transactions each of which reference securities, of which are represented by a Ticker Symbol.Dividend value: For dividend transactions, this is the amount of the dividend per share of the stock.

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Event-adjusted share count: this is like the transaction-adjusted share count, but instead of being split-adjusted to the present, it is adjusted to the time of a relevant event, such as a split or dividend issue.

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Bragging rights go to Apple as per-share price now tops Google.You can tick the boxes to the left of the transaction to indicate what you want imported.The Performance view will combine this new transaction with the old to display summary information per company.

Bragging rights go to Apple as per-share price now tops Google

The overall return rate is just the returns gain divided by the amount you paid to establish the lot.The gain is still the difference between your income and outlay.

Google Opening Price. but today when I looked at YHOO to get an idea of whether or not the Google offering was out of.Your portfolio also records commissions, transaction dates, returns, as well as cash deposits and withdrawals.If you only sold 25 shares, then all of your statistics will be based on the 75 shares that you still own.Cost per share: the cost to purchase each share, in the currency of the exchange on which the share is traded.