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On February 19, 2016, the CFTC released its weekly Commitment of Traders report.

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Open Interest Analyst (OIA) is the only tool available that provides a daily report on the interaction of price, volume and open interest for commodities and.

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Open interest is the number of open contracts (commitments) for a particular market.

Volume and Open Interest can be a barometer of future activity and direction.

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By Kenneth H. Shaleen. Classical bar chartists in the futures markets have a general rule for analyzing the interaction of price change, volume, and open interest.

Open interest is further dissected for analysis in some futures markets between commercial interests (hedgers), large speculators, and small speculators as seen on.Open Interest indicates the total number of contracts active in the market.Open interest is the sum total of all outstanding positions in a futures or options contract.Discover how to use volume and open interest to better interpret charts.

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Many thousands of futures contracts are reported each and every trading day.The LME publishes a number of daily open interest reports to inform the market of the open positions for each contract traded on.Volume and open interest are measures to gauge the liquidity of a futures market.

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Combined open interest in West Texas Intermediate and Brent crudes has dropped to the lowest level in almost two years as hedge funds and other investors.Background: By themselves, volume and open interest data may not be that valuable aside from indicating the liquidity of a market.That means all longs matched against shorts, as must be the case in.Futures trade publicly on exchanges such as Eurex, ICE and CME without dealer intervention.

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You Should Read This: Why Nifty options open interest data is important for trading nifty future Open interest shows us total number of position opened in the.

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The total number of futures or options contracts of a given commodity that have not yet been offset.

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Daily Open Interest Daily open interest statistics and totals for Equity, Index and Futures products.

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Volume and open interest provide important secondary confirmation of the price action on a chart and often provide a lead indication of an impending change of trend.

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Market Open Interest (MOI) is a calculation produced by the LME to represent open exchange positions of all members and clients for a particular prompt date.In simple terms, open interest is the number of unsettled contracts.In doing my preopening market call for stock indexes, I would ask floor traders about the likely price direction for.

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The total number held by buyers or (not and) sold short by sellers on any given day.

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