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Intangible assets Some companies have a distinct advantage over others due to their intangible assets, which include patents, licenses, and brand recognition.Quite simply, an economic moat is a long-term competitive advantage that allows a company to earn oversized profits over time.

This moat investing education series explores the primary sources of economic moats.As such, customers might be less motivated to switch providers even if they are dissatisfied with their current service.

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So-called wide-moat stocks are racking up impressive gains and should continue to do so.

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Recent analysis by Morningstar, the investment research company, suggests.

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The network effect The network effect occurs when the value of a good or service grows as more people use it.To wrap up, stay within your field of expertise, seek companies with an economic moat, and ensure management running the company is honest and investor-oriented.Read this Business Coursework and over 87,000 other research documents.

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Meanwhile, Apple leverages its brand power to squeeze lower prices out of its suppliers, which are eager to deal with this titan of consumer tech.

A company with an economic moat can fend off competition and earn high.

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Value investors are constantly striving to discover the secret behind what makes one company strong and successful over.Choose ONE company and identify how it has established a Deep Economic.

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But there was a Buffett original that emerged from all this: the economic moat.

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The idea of an economic moat refers to how likely a company is to keep comp.

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Over time, companies are more likely to lose their competitive advantage because, as they grow increasingly profitable, competitors are more likely to replicate their methods or create even better ones.Establishing economic moats can help companies protect their long-term profits.In a free-market economy, capital seeks the areas of highest return.The perfect example might be Nike, which started out as a simple athletic-apparel company but has since become a major cultural institution and a purveyor not only of gear, but of status.In earlier lessons of this series, we introduced the concept of an economic moat and the role it plays in identifying whether a business will stand the test of time.We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.A good example of the network effect is eBay, whose ever-growing user base offers continuous value to buyers and sellers.

Why Moats Matter is a comprehensive guide to finding great companies with economic moats, or competitive.

It means how susceptible a company is to competition by other companies.Cost advantage Companies that can deliver or produce their goods or services at a low cost have a major advantage over the competition, because they can undercut their competitors on price.Identifying whether a company has an economic moat is an important first step to determine whether a company has sustainable competitive advantages.Designer fashion labels have similar business models, using their prestige to sell clothing for prices several times higher than the cost of production.An important aspect of long-term dividend investing is identifying companies that have durable economic advantages that allow them to remain profitable for the.

Cellphone service providers, for example, can lock in customers because of their high switching costs.

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Business ecosystem is an important concept in marketing strategy.

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When there is a general decline in the level of economic activity, business enterprises can take one of two approaches.Warren Buffett On Economic Moats by David Foulke, Alpha Architect.